Toxotis jewelry

TOXOTIS jewellery shop has been inside CORFU PALACE HOTEL since 1977. We are a family business making unique handmade jewellery in gold and silver. Natural gems on original and unique jewellery made in our workshop, for people who love being different and appreciating the finest quality, which only the best can provide!


Jewellery that will always accompany you, from your everyday shopping to the most important moments of your life! Jewellery that will keep inside them the memories of our island!


In our shop you will also find handmade fashion jewellery with natural gems and Swarovski crystals, watches and accessories.


Our experience through time in making jewellery in combination with our excellent collaboration with CORFU PALACE HOTEL proves our credibility and deep ties of trust with our customers!


Come and visit us and take advantage of the unique offers for hotel guests.



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